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LATEST UPDATE (03/03/07)

EPISODE 172: As a family...an unwelcome guest
Some Random Pictures
Side Story 1 - Fabian Rios
A Family Tree (Outdated but it might help you to track the many characters)

A really kind reader, liizukas, has offered to translate my story into the Estonian language.
You may find it here 
The first few epsiodes are up. Enjoy if you understand the language! :)

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Brief on The Keats of Our Lives

Thank you for reading my journal - The Keats of Our Lives.

This Sims 2 story was started in The Sims Resource (TSR) Challenges Forum with the intention to complete the famous ten generation legacy challenge.
But after writing and posting there for nearly a year, I decide to switch to LJ because I want more freedom to edit my story and to write my story in a more relaxed environment.

If you have followed my story here from TSR, I sincerely thank you for having enough interest to hang out with me at LJ.

In this version of the Keats story I post here on LJ, there are/will be several changes as compared to the story on TSR.

a) The title of the story is changed from "The Keats' Dramatic Lives Legacy" to "The Keats of Our Lives." This change is important because I am now focused on storywriting of the lives of the Keats rather than trying to produce heirs and slogging my way to the tenth generation. In other words, I play according to my own rules now. I won't bother with not using cheats or hacks or stuff like that anymore.

b) All the posts moved here from TSR have been edited and revised. Some sections have been shortened so this is a much shorter version you find here compared to TSR.

c) For the posts which I moved from TSR,  I have also corrected as many grammar errors and such which I have been able to spot. If you ever see a grammar or spelling mistake in these moved posts/future posts, kindly inform me via "Leave Comments" so that I may edit the post. I will really appreciate that.

d) If you like my story, please tell your friends. Now that I am on my own, I need all the support and free publicity I can get =p

UPDATE 24/11/2006
I have a small site up for FREE sims 2 clothes. It is still heavily under construction now but my new clothes set, Simplicity is there.
I don't have a lot of RL time to make it nicely but I hope it is not too bad. I will make it look better soon with more downloads.
Have a look and see if you like it. I would appreciate if you leave a comment to encourage me at my new site lol!

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There is only so much that the heart could bear …

She has given up calling him. It just doesn’t work that way. Calling him excessively would make her seem like a baby and she doesn’t want to be a baby in his eyes. Not her!

So she marks lines on a notebook that she kept hidden in the third drawer of her dorm desk.


Ten lines…


Ten days …


It is painful.


And that was when she met him – Fabian.


Collapse )

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ATTENTION! Everyone should answer these! :)

Ok guys, since we are all involved in this story as writer and reader, I want your comments on some stuff.

 I have a great story in mind (a side story but great ) for Fabian and Ceras. Do you guys MIND NOT SEEING PICTURES at all? If you don't mind, I shall  write it immediately and you will see very frequent and fast updates for this side story. The side story is closely linked to the main story but since Fabian ( a non Keats) is the main character, it is classified as a side and not part of the main saga.If you really need pictures, you need to wait a rather long while.  I don't have enough time to indulge game playing + clothes making + RL (argh), so something have to give way.This is because I have been contemplating making my own website for clothes and such so to do that, I need to research into web site creation (0% knowledge in this) and making of more clothes. I am a bit tired of submiting to TSR (mainly because of all the recent silly changes- the incentive days are so worthless now and  I don't want them anymore) and I am also tired of uploading everywhere ....perhaps my own home is needed. If I mange to make enough good clothes for a site + hosting fees are somewhat afforable, you'll see it in a few months' time. 

And Do you think you will visit my site if I have one?

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Episodes 101-

Episode 101 What Happened?
Episode 102 Le Tour Dorms
Episode 103 Faye Keats and Havel Henke
Episode 104 Drunken Encounters
Episode 105 Unrequited Love
Episode 106 Six Years Disconnected Ties Part 1/2
Episode 107 Six Years Disconnedted Ties Part 2/2
Episode 108 Meet the Parents/It's the Correct Decision
Episode 109 Two Out of Seven
Episode 110 One out of Seven
Episode 111 Sandwiched/Extreme Love- Extreme Hatred
Episode 112 An Exchange: I Despise You but I Despise Myself Even More Because I Love You...
Episode 113 Goodbye Part 1/2
Episode 114 Goodbye Part 2/2
Episode 115 The Keats Main House: Colored Lines and No Man’s Land
Episode 116 'I am Home!'
Episode 117 Faye Keats Once Again
Episode 118 A Tale of Broken Limbs and the Disappearing of Colored Lines
Episode 119 A Long Awaited Family Reunion
Episode 120 A Match-Making Disaster
Episode 121 A Disappearance and a Reappearance
Episode 122 'I wish we have never met again, Ms Keats.'
Episode 123 Ms Femme Fatale at Work and A Quick Marriage
Episode 124 Alien Abduction Frenizes
Episode 125 The Woes of Preggie Ethel and the Arrival of Little Aki Keats!
Episode 126 Teen Romance
Episode 127 Don't Wanna Let Her Go
Episode 128 The Wedding of Fyn Keats and Havel Henke
Episode 129 A Disasterous Birthday Party
Episode 130 Refugees
Episode 131 Illusions and Delusions
Episode 132 I Care, Endre 
Episode 133 Marry Me, Endre 
Episode 134 Chaos in the Main House Without Ethel Keats 
Episode 135 A History to be Buried 
                       Special: House Tour
Episode 136 Reconcilation
Episode 137 The Third Party
Episode 138 Separation
Episode 139 The Reappearance of a Familiar Stranger/Dead Weight
Episode 140 Havie...
Episode 141 All About Aki Keats! (One of my favourite simmie!!)
Episode 142 A Tri-Relationship
Episode 143 Sister Talk, Paranoia and Hidden Fears
Episode 144 Sadness...Death...Life Goes On Part 1/2
Epsiode 145 Sadness...Death...Life Goes on Part 2/2
Episode 146 Endre and Sandy
Episode 147 Things Must Stay the Way They are Now...
Episode 148 River Keats
Episode 149 High and Dry
Episode 150 Stop Your Games
Episode 151 Un-Forgottened Memories ( Many cute pictures of Aki!! - a must see, lol)
Episode 152 Yukiii, Will You Be My Prince When I Grow Up?
Episode 153 Lane... Clyde...Havie
Episode 154 You Should Just Love Her...
Episode 155 Endre's Promise
Episode 156 Twenty Years...
Episode 157 Hit and Miss
Episode 158 Inquitisive Young Children and Unrelated Adults 
Episode 159 'You are not one of the things I need...'
Episode 160 OUT!!
Episode 161 A Game of Numbers
Episode 162 Striving on...
Episode 163 'I won't cry in front of you again...'
Episode 164 Progression
Episode 165 Recurring Bad Dreams
Episode 166 Without and Without
Episode 167 Hardly...Said and Concluded
Episode 168 Yoga-Nastics
Episode 169: Anticipation
Episode 170: Reluctance and Remorse
Episode 171: Lavender Keats
Episode 172:  As a Family...an unwelcome guest
                          Some Random Pictures