The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Episodes 1-100

Episode 1  Dear Shelley Part 1                                                                                     
Episode 2 
Dear Shelley Part 2
Episode 3
Dear Shelley Part 3
Episode 4 Dear Diary Part 1-2
Episode 5 Dear Diary Part 3-4

Episode 6 The Begining of Many Beginings Act 1
Episode 7 The Begining of the Shawn Saga
Episode 8 Prelude to a Marriage
Episode 9 A Hasty Marriage
Espiode 10 Dear Diary Part 5
Episode 11 Dear Diary Part 6
Episode 12 Dear Diary Part 7
Episode 13 Love for the Third Time
Episode 14 Dear Diary Part 8/ Who is Mortimer
Episode 15 The Creation of a New Life/ Baby Talk
Episode 16 Preggie Woes
Episode 17 Dear Diary Part 9
Episode 18 Baby Keats' Arrival!
Episode 19 On the Losing End
Episode 20 Dear Diary: Finale
Episode 21 Jade, She is Gone...
Episode 22 Happy Birthday Jade
Episode 23 Ed Keats
Episode 24  Moving Out and Moving On
Episode 25 I am Home
Episode 26 Jade's Letter
Episode 27 A First Encounter
Episode 28 First Date
Episode 29 A Wonderful Date
Episode 30 A Test
Episode 31 Engagement
Episode 32A Roof Raising Wedding Party
Episode 33 Reminiscence
Episode 34 Dear Shelley...
Episode 35 Narcisa Keats
Episode 36 Anxiety!
Espisode 37  Becoming a Child Genius!
Episode 38 Loneliness
Episode 39 A New Preggie!
Episode 40 Phoenix-Fire-Firebird?
Episode 41 Of Terror Bawls and Teenhood
Episode 42 Phoenix Keats
Episode 43 Jade as Elder
Episode 44 Of the Past: The Last Letter from Pleasantview
Episode 45 Scholarships and College
Episode 46 Academie Le Tour
Episode 47 Determination
Episode 48 Phoenix's Graduation Party
Episode 49 Yuki Sohma
Episode 50 Golden Anniversary and a Tragedy
Episode 51 The Dead is Gone but There's Still the Living to Think of
Episode 52 Could this be Love?
Episode 53 Facing the Truth Harshly
Episode 54 Parents Once Again
Episode 55 A Wedding: Doubts and Suspicions
Episode 56 A Placid Departure
Episode 57 Investigating Sierra Keats
Episode 58 Conflicts and More Conflicts
Episode 59 In the Mind of the Mastermind Part 1/2
Episode 60 Welcome to the Keats Family, Son
Episode 61 Father and Son
Episode 62 In the Mind of the Mastermiind Part 2/2
Episode 63
Ethel Keats and Karas Cecil: Of Family Histories' By the Graves
Episode 64
Cooper Keats: Death of Relucance
Episode 65 Parting Ways
Episode 66 Discovery of Cooper's Death
Episode 67 Reminiscence, Divided Paths and New Lives Part 1/4 
Episode 68
Reminiscence, Divided Paths and New Lives Part 2/4
Episode 69 Reminiscence, Divided Paths and New Lives Part 3/4
Episode 70 Reminiscence, Divided Paths and New Lives Part 4/4
Episode 71 The Begining of the Perfect Life
                The Keats X'MAS SPECIAL
Yuki Sohma Boxing Day Special: How It All Begun...
Episode 72 The Growing Family
Episode 73 Chaos as the Family Grows Big and Bigger
Episode 74 Stork Bonus 
Episode 75
Oh! Those Growing Kids! 
Episode 76
Twins Trauma, Independence and Moving Out 
Episode 77
Dear Jounal: Moving House Once Again
Episode 78 The Sohma Estate: Decorating the New House
Episode 79 Yuki's Secret Date with Countess Sophie 
Episode 80
Keeping up Appearances and Getting into Private School
Episode 81 A Good Many Years and Tragedy Strikes Once...
Episode 82 A Good Many Years and Tragedy Strikes Once...Again
Episode 83 I am Sorry, Mr. Keats
Episode 84 Tantrums, Despair and Loneliness
Episode 85 Lane Keats: Settling into a New Kind of Life
Episode 86 Don't Run Away from Your Problems, Son
Episode 87 Faye Keats: Bitterness of a Neglected Teen
Episode 88 The First Meeting of Faye Keats and Endre Bivins
Episode 89 Entanglements with a Ruthless Romantic
Episode 90 Flip...Dear Journal
Episode 100 Tears
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