The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives


Months passes and the Keats continue to grow and adapt to their surroundings.


Yuki has started talking to Ethel instead of blehing at him about his rocky marriage.

446 Father starts talking to son again

Aki is finally not calling for ‘mama’ in his sleep. Endre and Faye are enjoying life as a happily married couple. 
447 Happily Married

Fyn’s tummy grows bigger and bigger and she finally learnt to balance the family accounts. 
448 It is now a piece of cake!

Havie is climbing up the military ladder speedily. Johan and Jayde have started making plans for college.


The only Sims who remains unchanged are Ethel and Karas. Both secretly pine for the other but have been too proud to admit it. Ethel spent all his free time carrying Aki and standing by the window while Karas spent her available time wandering around the entrances of famous downtown French restaurants, hoping to catch a glimpse of their celebrity chef.


She has been furious with Ethel for cheating on her. It has been hard for her to believe that Ethel would ever cheat on her. But as she thought about the decades they have spent together and how they have been together since they were fifteen, her anger transits to sadness before transforming into resignation and finally a resolution.


It is with such mixed feelings when she shows up on Yuki’s doorstep.

Ethel has been both astounded and strangely afraid to see her.


A long uncomfortable silence reigns between the two estranged Sims as they slump on the sofa. Finally he speaks in a high-pitched and tinny voice.


‘Have you come to serve me the divorce papers?’


She hadn’t expected to hear that.






His sense of relief is almost too overwhelming for him and he begins to breathe a little easier as he waits for her to continue.


‘I have come to say …,’ she sniffs hard before continuing, ‘I miss you Ethel…I have thought about it long and hard. I think it doesn’t matter anymore if you have cheated on me. The important thing is that you are with me now and we love each other. I have only learnt one thing from our months apart…I cannot do without you, honey. Every single waking moment, I have been thinking of you. We are middle aged now and our children are all grown up but I have loved you as passionately as we were once teens. It no longer matters whether you have cheated on me with Gary or if you have not cheated as you insisted. Just come back, I beg you… Ethel and stay with me and I will be happy-’


Karas stands up…




Ethel watches as sobs overwhelms Karas and he moves close to her and embraces her. 

449 Ethel consoles Karas

They remain thus for a long moment till Aki’s wails over a dirty nappy disrupts their moment of solitude.


Karas wipes her tears dry and exclaimed happily, ‘Let me take care of that.’


As Ethel watches Karas changing Aki’s nappy with skilful hands, his love for this one and only Sim in his entire life overtakes his resentment at being wronged. His only wish in life is to wake up besides her each morning for as long as he lives If that could happen again, nothing else seriously matters anymore.



Faye is about to turn the key in the lock when she chances upon that happy little sight. 

450 A happy little scene

Knowing better than to spoil the moment - she tiptoes down the stairs into the basement - a deep sense of relief overtaking her as she understood she no longer needs to spill the beans about Gary and herself and their one night together. One more hurdle out of her relationship with Endre. All that remains is to ensure Gordon Kim’s mouth stays shut.

451 Paying Gordon Kim

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