The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

The Third Party

If Faye’s crisis is in finding a man who truly loves her, Fyn’s dilemma is that she has two men who worship her unconditionally.



Lane and Fyn sit opposite each other quietly outside the courtroom, clasping hands. Both are dressed in somber black and little Grace Keats has been left with her younger sister, Faye due to the importance of this occasion.


It has been an amicable separation in accordance with formal Strangetown laws. There is no screaming of obscenities or the usual poking of ribs and shoving of shoulders that the judge is accustomed to. During the separation session, Fyn also promises solemnly that Havel Henke could visit his daughter, Grace Keats as often as he wishes to and Havel expresses his gratitude for that.


They watch him as he leaves the courtroom holding a stack of papers.


He smiles and greets them with his usual friendly voice, which makes them feels worse than ever.


‘Hi Lane and Fyn.’




Havel smiles almost sadly as he said, ‘It is Havel now to you, Fyn.’


‘Ha…vel.’ Fyn repeats carefully in the manner of how one would speak when using a foreign language.


‘It’s finally over, Fyn’, he shakes his head slightly, ‘us…but I hope that you and… him will be happy together.’ Havel says as he glances briefly at Lane who looks away.


‘We are sorry, Havie…I mean Havel.’


‘It is ok.’ Havel Henke says half-heartedly as he waves Fyn’s apology off with his hand. As he walks away, he looks back and utters almost carelessly, ‘I am the third party anyway.’


 They watch as Havel’s car screeches round the corner and vanishes.


‘He is wrong. I am the third party.’ Lane tries to suppress a sob of guilt as he places his hand over his face as if he is ashamed of what he did.


‘Stop it Lane. It’s over and we are together now. That’s what it matters …for us now. As for Havel…let’s just move on, shall we?’ Fyn tries to console her lover although she is feeling just as guilty in her heart. She knows it has been Havie (oh no, she just couldn’t stop calling him ‘Havie’ in her heart yet…) who has been gracious enough to initiate separation to let her and Lane be together. Knowing she is the heir and couldn’t initiate separation (for fears of a city scandal), he has acted on her behalf and filed the papers. He loves her immensely. Yet she deserts him.

I am sorry, Havel.
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