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She had been hard at work in her little fortune cats store when he dropped by.


‘Fyn, be careful with that!’ were his first words when he saw her on her feet, busy with frantic stocktaking.


She looked up in amazement when she heard that familiar sweet voice of his. She hadn’t realized how much she missed that voice…till she heard it once again.

464 Havel looks for Fyn



‘Havel, you are back!’ Fyn exclaims happily as she tries her best to hug Havel despite her bulging belly.


‘Yes I am. And I just got a triple promotion to General after my stint in India.’


‘Wow! Congratulations! And you look so different with your new hairstyle!’


Havel looks down at the floor as he replies shyly, ‘That’s not a change of hairstyle…I just didn’t have the time to cut my hair in India…so…’


Fyn smiles. Havel still hasn’t changed all these years, hasn’t he? He still looks down at the floor whenever he could not respond to her teasing.


 ‘I heard what happened between you and him and I am just here to…’


Her smile vanishes immediately as she says a little too quickly, ‘I am ok, Havel. I need to get back to my stock-’


‘Fyn, leave these tasks to your employees. You are preggie now, you shouldn’t be doing such dangerous things.’


‘Stocktaking is not dangerous, Havel. Besides, the baby isn’t due for another three months. We’ll be ok.’ She says as she pats her stomach confidently.


As they walk to the only sitting area outside her shop, Havel laments that he didn’t understand why Fyn would give up her business career to be the boss of a small cramped store.

465 Fyn and Havel talks


Between sips of top grade Japanese green tea, Fyn sighs and says, ‘I am tired of the rat race, Havel. Immediately after I earned my §100,000, I quit my job. This little shop is just to pass time, ya know. You of all people should know I don’t need the money. I just need my perm plat so that I’ll be good natured enough to take care of pesky Grace and this new born.’ She jests playfully to lighten the somber mood between them.

466-467 Playful Grace Keats


‘I am just…concerned…, he pauses and looks earnestly at her with adoring eyes which she is so accustomed to, and worried about you and your unborn child, Fyn. He is no longer here for you and you are-’


‘Don’t worry, dad and mom will help with the baby when it’s born. They promised …at least that much, she pauses as she put a hand to her belly, he doesn’t know of this at all.’


‘Still, it’s all his fault. He should have been here. He shouldn’t have been a coward to abandon you even if he didn’t know you are preggie…I was wrong about him. He is an utter jerk. I shouldn’t have left you to him if I knew this would happen! I shouldn’t have gone to India!’ Havel says angrily as he clutches his fist.


‘Havel, please, it’s not entirely his fault.’ She replies jadedly as she starts to tell Havel of all that had occurred in their brief lives together - how the appearance of Sierra in Lane’s life and Ethel’s revelation has changed their relationship. It was clear that she couldn’t be with him in view of her role as the family heir which she refused to give up out of a sense of family responsibility (it’s never about the money, she emphasizes, after all, she makes enough money on her own anyway). Her parents are old and she didn’t want to upset them. 

468 Elder Parents who shouldn't be upset

In fact, her parents didn’t know that Sierra had reappeared in Strangetown. She dreads to think what would happen if her dad with his high blood condition, found out about that. Lane had told only her about Sierra’s brief visit to her Phoenix’s grave and she hasn’t told anyone till now. But to her, it is just as well that Lane and Sierra had left Strangetown again. Perhaps the past would truly be buried now especially since her dad thinks Sierra is long dead and Lane is gone, presumably forever.


It is a complicated narration; it left Havel speechless for a while.


‘You have changed much, Fyn since we first met. You are so different now from that happy, vibrant and immature girl I know. You are now …responsible-’


She laughs woefully, ‘Being heir of a reeeally complicated family have to change people somehow. I have certain roles you know.’


‘I know…but despite your so- called roles, I still believe children need a complete family, Fyn. I know it hasn’t been long since he left but would you consider giving Grace, me, you and …, he points to her bulging tummy, a chance again?’


She hesitates. ‘I don’t know, Havel…not after what I did to you…’


‘I don’t care, Fyn. That’s over. I still love you…and I want to be here for you and for that child. I will take care of it like my own, you know so even if you do not love me -’


She put a finger to his lips to stop him from continuing but he gently pushes it away and persists, ‘ but I could always be your Havie if you want me to.’


‘Oh, Havie…’ is all that she could muster as she takes his hand in her own.

469 Oh...Havie



It isn’t too long before Clyde Keats is born and Grace Keats becomes a happy child. 

470 Havel with Clyde Keats

471 Grace as a child

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