The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Sister Talk, Paranoia and Hidden Fears

‘It sure wasn’t easy for two preggie sims to run a store.’ Fyn puffs as she stretches her aching feet and leans back on the bench outside her theme store.

494 Sister talk


‘I have to agree with that.’ Faye says as she waddles to the bench and sits down besides her sister who is preggie for the third time.


‘But I am glad you are here to help out, Faye. Thanks.’


Faye smiles, ‘Well, who asks you to be so ‘productive’? Anyway, I am bored of staying at home so I don’t mind helping out. Endre always says that no wife of his is going to work hard in the real world.’


Fyn laughs and pats her belly, ‘This little one is a hot tub accident …

495 Hot Tub Accident!

Anyway, Faye, your husband is terribly old fashioned. I am surprised that an ambitious woman like you actually listens to him. If it is me, I’ll give two hoots about his views. It’s amazing that the two of you are poles apart and yet blissfully in love. It’s been five years, hasn’t it?’ Fyn says as she crisscrosses her toes.


‘Yes, five lovely years and I am loving every minute of it. We love each other so much that our differences doesn’t matter…’ Faye replies her sister whole-heartedly although her mind only believes the half truth of it all.


‘I envy you, Faye. Look at me. A long way and a turn about and back to dear old Havie again.’


‘Don’t, sister. I should be the one doing the envying…’



Indeed, Faye was. Her sister has been loved too easily by two Sims while she had to plot and scheme to get that one Sim who truly loves her. As the years passed them by, Faye grows increasingly paranoid that Endre would discover her secret and leave her. And with her finally preggie after their years of trying for a baby, her paranoia has reached new heights and she would often jump in fear each time Endre wasn’t with her and the phone rung. She has woken screaming in her sleep several times for the past few weeks and Endre has attributed her nightmares to pre-natal blues but Faye knows it isn’t.


She really has to make sure that things would be ok. And she would have to do it soon before her paranoia breaks her down completely.


She cannot afford to lose Endre and she would do anything and everything to keep him.

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