The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Things Must Stay the Way They Are Now...

‘Do you hate me, Endre?’ Sandy had asked timidly before he took his leave of her.


It took him a moment to think and answer her. After all, he wasn’t the kind of Sim who would lie to make someone else happy.


‘No,’ was his final unwavering answer to her. Her face instantly showed an expression of relief when he said that.


‘Thank you…’



‘Sir, sir…here we are.’


Endre blinks to focus his vision and he found himself staring straight into the face of the smiling cab driver.


He looks out of the cab’s window…she is sitting by their house’s window, knitting…she carries an expression which was placid…


‘God, I really love her…’ is his thought as he pays the cab driver and got out of the cab.



She looks up as he enters and smiles. She put her knitting down on the table and runs towards him, arms outstretched.


Before he could stop her, she put her arms around his neck, kisses him and said, ‘Endre, I am preggie again! The doctor just confirmed that!’


His words dies on his lips the instant she says that. Their baby cries in the background. As he sees his wife running off to attend to their crying child, Endre walks quietly to the bar and pours himself a whiskey. It is not a good drink for the middle of the day but he needs it badly. As he gulps it all down in one shot, feeling the alcohol blazing down his throat, he feels instantly calmer.


He cannot confront Faye Keats now…not when she is preggie again. He cannot allow his young children to be without a mother and perhaps…perhaps…he couldn’t imagine life without her either…


Things must stay the way they are now.

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