The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

River Keats

River stares at his reflection as he combs his short red hair in front of the mirror. He smiles a little as he recalls how he made Jayde continues to keep his blonde hair long even after he himself grows out of long hair. He knows Jayde hates long hair but what Jayde likes or dislikes does not matter much to him. It is just satisfying to exert considerable influence over someone and he loves how Jayde would always go out of his way to please him….the times when he would buy him whatever he fancies and accede to his every little demand. That has been his sole reason for sticking together with Jayde all these years…he is practically the only one of his many lovers who could afford his extravagant lifestyle. He is after all a Keats and any Sim with that blasted last name could easily afford to maintain 10 River Smiths.


But since college, engagement and marriage, Jayde has changed. Jayde has started to say no…how dare he!


‘No honey, I cannot buy that watch for you. We need to save the money for our wedding.’


‘No honey, I cannot afford to give you a new credit card. You have busted the limit of your past three cards and I am still paying the debts off…we are going to lose our house if this goes on…’


‘No honey, this shirt doesn’t look right on you – it’s too tight and looks too romantic! - besides, it’s too expensive. Do you want to get this instead? It looks more right on you, a family Sim and it’s cheaper…’


That is why he has stubbornly held on to Johan Keats far longer than he has intended. He figures that 2 Keats would give him deeper pockets. He still recalled his first kiss with Joha-
519 Johan first kiss with River

Darn, a grey hair!


And how Johan had swayed easily under his charm. How the naïve Johan had been so eager to be with him easily betraying his elder twin’s trust in him. How he sneaked out on Tuesday nights to bunk in with him when he dropped out of college.


As River scowls at the grey hair he is holding between his fingers before dropping it into the sink, he promises himself that Johan would never leave him, irregardless of whether he likes to be with him or not. He is the one keeping his darkest secret mum and he better be good before he destroys his life …


River smiles and admires his beautiful self in the mirror.


As he pets the stray ends of his red hair down with tap water, he thinks about how wonderful his life is…to live with his husband and lover under one roof.


But for now, he has other appointments to keep. Ocean Butler has promised to take him shopping and he cannot wait to get that Gucci wallet that Jayde refused to buy for him yesterday. What was his pathetic excuse again?


‘Sorry honey…I need the money for Aaron’s education fund.’


Aaron? Education fund? What a load of crap.

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