The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

High and Dry

Fyn frowns as she looks through the family accounts (as she tries to multi-task by supervising Aki with his piling piles of homework).

520 Balancing  both accounts and Aki's homework
They aren’t balancing again! After several hours of checking through the figures and nearly giving up twice along the way if not for hot cups of strong black coffee,
Fyn realizes that her twin brothers have been withdrawing too much money from the main family inheritance account, thus accounting for the discrepancy between the family cost and revenue. And it irks Fyn that her brothers are frequently withdrawing money without her permission when it is supposed to be the case, as stated in Ethel’s will.


She sighs and wonders just what is the matter with her twin brothers. They seem to be spending more and more of the family funds lately and the amounts they withdraw are increasingly getting bigger and bigger. It is not like Jayde and Johan to need that much money.


She looks at her watch…11pm…why isn’t Havel home yet?



It is 11pm but Jayde does not feel like returning home. He knows he should be home to tuck little Aaron into bed but he isn’t ready to face his angry husband, River yet.


River has become increasingly unreasonable as Jayde cut his allowance further. But Jayde does not have a choice. He is running short on simoleons and even frequent withdrawals from the family accounts isn’t enough to keep River happy with him. Every time he withdraws secretly from the family accounts, he has been fearful that Fyn would find out but it isn’t as if he has much of a choice. It is either going through hell dealing with River or Fyn and given a choice, Jayde would choose his eldest sister anytime. At least she wouldn’t scream or slap him.


Jayde sighs as he sips red wine in his personal room in the exclusive Strangetown bar for the rich and the famous. Pretty soon, he couldn’t even afford the exorbitant membership fee here and this lovely place is his only refuge from home. But it is either this membership or Aaron’s education fund and being a responsible father, Jayde decides that sipping less red wine wouldn’t kill him. He sighs again as he tries to remember his last pleasant memory with River… the time when River allowed him to bury his face in his lovely red hair

521 Jay hugs River
and leans back against the comfortable sofa 
522 Leaning on Sofa
 falling asleep
523 Falling Asleep
and dreaming broken dreams of angry husbands, bankruptcy and losing of homes.


Unknown to him, on this night as all other nights when he has spent such lonely nights at this bar, a waitress sneaks up and places a warm blanket over him. She would always stroke his long blonde hair after that and whispers goodnight in his ear. Tonight she is feeling a little bold and she kisses the sleeping Jayde’s forehead. As she does so, the sleeping Sim smiles and muttered ‘River’. The waitress freezes for a moment, expecting him to wake and is relieved that he didn’t.


Whoever River is…he is a really fortunate sim. She wishs she could be in his position but such lucky things never happen to insignificant Sims like her.


As Lexie Simpson leaves the room after switching off the lights, she runs her fingers over her lips and smiles really shyly.



Meanwhile at home, Johan groans as he tucks Aaron into bed
524 Johan tucks Aaron into bed
and kisses his forehead. River has demanded another §2000 from him that morning and that is three days’ pay for Johan. He wonders how Trisha would react if she knew he is basically penniless but for now, there is no need for her to know what she didn’t need to know. For now, he just has to survive by dipping into the family accounts more and hoping that
Fyn wouldn’t find out what he had been doing.



Two sims are walking out of a little motel by the seedy side of Strangetown.

The red haired sim kisses his black haired lover as he coos,’ See you next week, Ocean- honey. And thanks for the Gucci wallet. I love-’


Ocean Butler gasps as he glimpses River’s collar being grabbed tightly from behind him. As River struggles helplessly, the athletic blonde haired sim clutching his collar growls at Ocean, ‘Scram.’ Ocean nods fearfully before running away.  River might be attractive but it is out of the question to disobey that Sim. It is better to run and pretend that this never exists. As a breathless Ocean stops to catch his breath after sprinting past two streets, he makes a mental note to himself not to go near River Keats ever again. The price to pay might just be too …high.


‘What do you want from me?’ River asks in a shrill voice as he turns his head.


The blonde haired Sim brings his face close to River and River Smith is horrified to see that look in this Sim’s eyes. It is a look he has never seen before on this friendly Sim’s face.


‘I should be the one asking you. What kind of games are you playing with Fyn’s twin brothers?’


‘What do you know?’


‘Everything. The military is everywhere, River Smith. You can run but you can never hide.’


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