The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Stop Your Games

‘But but you are no longer in the military!’


‘I have my connections, River Smith…And I am a well respected ex-general as you very well know.’ Havel Keats says casually as he let go of River’s collar and drags him into his car quickly as passersby are starting to glance at them.


As soon as they drove to the most deserted spot Havel could think of, Havel stops the car and glares at River coldly, ‘Look, I have been observing you for a long time and I am warning you, now. There won’t be a second warning. You are to stop toying with those twins immediately. Stay faithful to Jayde in your marriage, be good to your son, leave Johan and Trisha alone and I do not want to see you around your lovers again. And stop torturing the goose that laid your golden eggs, River Smith. 

525 A Stern Warning

Your husband’s inheritance from his parents is almost dry…and he is not going to get anymore from the family when that happens.’


 ‘What will happen if I don’t?’ River scoffs as he scowls at Havel. What a joke! Jayde and Johan would never run out of money, not with their blasted last names!


A dark cloud passes over Havel’s brow as he says, ‘If you don’t obey me, I don’t know what will happen to you, River Smith. I love Fyn and her family is my family and you wouldn’t want to mess with me or the military, wouldn’t you?’


River does not like Havel’s tone a single bit as he says that. It frightens him how a Sim whom he occasionally shares a drink with could possibly transform into such a frightening Sim. So this are what military Sims are  capable of…

526 River used to drink with Havel




‘Good, now get out.’




Havel’s heart is still thumping as he drives off in the silent of the night, leaving a cursing River Smith on the deserted street. It is not in him to go around threatening sims but River truly deserves it.


He still remembers how he spotted River making out with one of his many lovers months ago
527 Havel caught River cheating
as he dropped by his store to pick up some chocolates for
Fyn and Clyde. He still remembered his rage at that time as he spotted the cheating couple through the shop window.


It is a betrayal! And Havel always has the impression that the red haired Sim is extremely loyal and faithful to Fyn’s younger brother. Believing that River is a good and loyal young sim, Havel has been eager to make him into a friend then. As he reflects on his thoughts about River then, Havel almost laughs out of sheer bitterness at the irony.


A quick investigation with the help of his ex military mates churns out some damning data about River Smith. Apparently, he was once accused of theft in school, was expelled from high school but brought his way into university by bedding the Dean of the business school. In university, he cheated on poor Jayde by seducing Johan, some random Sims here and there and even his next door dormie! Once married to Jayde, he continues his atrocious ways.

If it isn’t for the fact that Havel could tell that Jayde really loves River that much and simply couldn’t do without him, he would have booted him out of Strangetown months ago.


As Havel turns into his home’s driveway, he looks into the driver’s mirror and adjusts his blonde hair and smiles. Fyn would probably be in the garage waiting for him to return home and he does not want her to detect anything amiss.


Sure enough, she is there tapping her foot, looking at her watch and waiting impatiently for him to return. As soon as she sees his car turning in, she waves at him 
528 Fyn welcomes Havel home

and her face lights up with a radiant smile.
Havel loves it when Fyn smiles like that …no one and least of all, that mess of a rogue called River Smith would ever be allowed to take his wife’s smile away.

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