The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Un-Forgottened Memories

By the time Aki grows up well to be a total babe, 

529 Aki being a total babe!!
he is fully acquainted with the latest un-fashion trends in town, the best pick up lines any Sim would swoon over and the most effective break up lines to sever romantic ties instantly with any Sim .


But he also learns the hard way that having multiple lovers isn’t fun at all. It is difficult juggling that many lovers and keeping them blissfully unaware of each other is even worse than having to deal with their various whims and fancies. It’s difficult to remember who loves crepes, who loved cheesecake, who hated red roses and so on and forth.  And he couldn’t believe he needs (like what!) twenty lovers (jeez, twenty!) to achieve his permanent platinum mood!


It is also getting to be a ‘terrific pain’ in the gut to see his sister constantly worrying about him romancing his lovers in her shop. 
530 Aki romances in the shop

It almost makes him wish that he could quit helping out at his sister’s chain of stores…
531 Aki helping out
but that would mean he had to go out and get a real job in the real world and that very thought makes Aki develop a ‘terrific-er pain’ in the gut…


As Aki anguishes over his beer sitting alone in a quiet pub, wishing there is a casual romance mod in this world so that he could have his twenty casual lovers in a snap of his green fingers, his mind brings him back to a long forgotten memory from his teen years…Clarisse.

532-533 Aki and Clarisse 


It has been so many years since he last thought of her. What is she doing now? While he observes condensation busy at work on his mug of chilled beer, Aki remembers her soft and curly midnight blue hair, the kisses they shared, the bad promises they made …

524 Bad Memories


‘I am leaving this town once I am an adult, Aki.’



(‘But why? I thought we love each other!’)


‘I am bored here. It’s time to go out and see the world beyond this town.’



(‘You just want to find non Strangetown lovers, aren’t you…the pond in Strangetown isn’t big enough for ya…’)


So in between sips of champagne at his birthday party, 
535 Aki and Clarisse Drinks
Aki and Clarisse shared their last moments together. That was six years ago. God knows how much he misses her…she’s the only Sim who deserves a place on his wall besides him …

536 Aki and Clarisse Pictures


even …


even if…


…she is every bit the incorrigible romance Sim as he is.

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