The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

You Should Just Love Her...

‘I cannot, Havel. I can’t. I really tried but I can’t pretend nothing had happened. She is a rose, Havel…a beautiful rose with sharp thorns I hold in my hands. I love the rose but I hate the thorns.’


Havel Keats crosses his toes and waits in dread for his best friend to finish speaking. He isn’t good with words and he fears the moment he would have to comment on which Endre said.


‘So what do you think?’


Havel takes a deep breath. Here we go…


‘I think you should just love her.’


Endre looks at his best friend in astonishment. What the -? After all that he has said!


‘What do you mean? I do love her.’


Havel scratches his head. He isn’t that good with words, after all.


‘Err…let me tell you about Fyn and me. All my life, I was quiet and shy. She brought spring into my life. I love her. It is as straightforward as that. I don’t really care if she loves me. If she wants me by her side, that’s where I’ll be. It’s just to love her even if she doesn’t really love me… I am happy that way. Just to be around to protect her and stuff like that.’


Endre looks at Havel with exasperation. Is this really Havel speaking? He hasn’t heard his best friend spoke with such grit before.


‘I still don’t understand?’ Endre asks in confusion.


Havel sighs. He isn’t sure of what he wants to say either.


‘I guess I just want to say ‘love her for what she is and forgive her for what she isn’t ’. Love the thorns if you must. The past is over. Look at Fyn and me. We are happy and we are together. That’s what’s really important, isn’t it?’



Havel’s words repeat themselves for several weeks in Endre’s mind. He tries his best to dissect them and analyze them rationally, to break the logic in his friend’s words to him. But he finally concedes defeat. Havel is right after all. Faye and him are together now and that is indeed important. Faye has been a wonderful wife to him for years. Their kids are important. Sandy was in the past. He shouldn’t be bothered anymore.


With a smile on his face, he picks up the phone to tell Faye that he would be home tonight for dinner.


The phone rings and rings. He frowns. It is not like her to miss a phone call.



Ten minutes before Endre’s call home, Faye has been listening to the stereo, playing her favorite song and preparing a dinner of roasted chicken. Endre has promised her that morning that he might be home for dinner and she wanted to give him a good one. He hasn’t been home for dinner in weeks and she misses him… Endre…


The doorbell rang.


‘Endre!’ She uttered happily as she scuttled quickly to the door. Her expression fell the moment she recognized that uniform the Sim was wearing.

543 Faye faces the music


‘Ms. Keats, you are under suspicion for instigating the murder of Mr. Gordon Kim. Please come with us to the police station. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...’ 


She didn’t hear the rest …it wasn’t important now.


Her long long dream … It was truly … over…now...


‘Let me call my sister. My kids need a babysitter.’ The policeman nodded respectfully. He knew who she was and knew he would be given hell if he dared to be rude to her.


The radio played the last chorus of Frank Sinarta’s ‘Slowly as I Leave You’ as the policeman discreetly took her away. A shell-shocked Fyn stood at the doorway, watching her sister being taken away.


As Faye took a last look at her house, tears ran down her face and she knew it was now the time to pay for the price of obtaining Endre Bivins…

544 Faye remembers their marriage


After all these years…all these years of happiness…
545-546 Faye and Endre
this is but a small price to pay, isn’t it?

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