The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Endre's Promise

‘Havie and I have tried our best with all the connections that we could pull. But the evidence is too strong against her, Endre. We are sorry but she will be convicted…and the sentence won’t be a short one.’


‘You will only have ten minutes with her. Use it well. You wouldn’t believe the pains I went through to get the two of you into a private room,’ were the last words Endre heard from his sister-in-law as he entered that small dark room.



Endre looks at his wife sadly, a wooden table between them. He does not know what to say to her in this quiet, cold and oppressive room with its dark walls and concrete floor.


Perhaps a safe topic would suffice…




‘Faye…you wouldn’t believe me. I potty trained Ethan yesterday! 
547 Endre talks to Faye
It wasn’t difficult-’


Perhaps not.


‘Endre…you…won’t forgive me right? You hate me. You really do.’ Faye sobs as she chokes the words out of her mouth.


Her lips are badly cracked. That always occurs after pregnancy. He used to apply lip balm to them gently every night before she slept.


But not anymore.


He feels his head ache and he tries to push those random thoughts away.


Too painful.


‘Honey, I don’t hate you. I love you...I always has since the first moment I set sight upon you as a stranger. Please remember that.’


Her eyes widen in astonishment and he observes her licking her dry lips, ‘But why do you still love me?’


His head aches still but some words must be put across clearly and explicitly.


‘I love you for who you are. I know why you did what you did although I don’t agree with your methods, Faye. But I promise you, Faye. I’ll be with you all your life even if you never get out of there. I swear to you, I will.’


He watches as more tears forms at her eyes. His eyes burns from restraining his tears but no, he will not cry in front of her. It is not in him to cry in front of women.


She smiles as she squeezes his hand tightly once before letting it go. She hasn’t smiled so brightly - since when- she cannot remember- but she is genuinely happy now. Her price is a small one. She knows it and that is truly enough.


As he watches her being led away, her last words, ‘I truly love you’, ringing relentlessly in his ears, Endre Bivins finally put his head in his hands and cries.


He hasn’t cried that hard in years…
548 Seperated Once Again
not since that time Haze Smith graduated and left him.


Now she is leaving him again.

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