The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Twenty Years...

‘The hearing is over. She’ll be there for twenty years, Endre. But do not worry, I am confident of getting her out within ten years or less. The connections I have will carry us that far.’ Endre listens to his sister-in-law speak assertively on the phone.

He is still having a bad headache from the hang over yesterday. 


‘I am sorry, honey. I won’t be there for the hearing. I wouldn’t have the courage to -’


‘I understand.’


‘But I’ll be thinking of you at home.’


‘Take care of our kids well, Endre,’ was her last words to him before the final hearing of her case.



Endre stumbles out of his bed, clad in his underwear. His mouth is dry and he needs a drink badly...a scotch should do the trick. It always does.


As he gulps it down, he instantly feels calmer and stumps on the comfortable sofa, unconscious, not hearing his children’s wails.

549 Dirty House and Miserable Children



‘Mr. Bivins, Mr. Bivins…’


Endre stirs. It has been a wonderful sleep…preggie Faye and him on the sofa she was looking into his eyes and saying something what was it what was it what was- 

550 What was it


‘Mr. Bivins…Mr. Bivins…’, the voice persists as Endre feels his shoulders shaken hard.


He forces his stubborn eyelids open and is dazed to be greeted by the social worker, Ms. Honey. Only this time, she isn’t smiling at him like she is when they meet on the streets.


‘Ms. Honey, how did you get in here?’


‘Never mind on that. Mr. Bivins, we received complaints from your neighbors of incessant children’s crying, from your house for hours. And here I am, finding one of your kids half starved and the other crying in its’ soiled nappy. I am taking your children away.’


Endre springs up from the sofa, scaring Ms. Honey who instinctively steps back. She prepares herself for what might happen when it comes to taking children away from drunken fathers.


But it isn’t a scene she quite expects.


‘Don’t take them away, Ms. Honey. I beg of you…they are the only ones left with me now…please.’


Ms. Honey looks in sympathy as she watches a shattered Endre collapses on the floor, tears running down his cheeks. This is one sorry wreck of a father.


She knows about this family and their downfall but sympathy is not what she is paid for.


‘I am sorry…’
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