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The Keats of Our Lives


Johan has been in his room, thinking of his dead family when he knows something is terribly wrong the moment he hears his twin’s footsteps. Jayde’s footsteps sound unusually heavy and disturbingly loud in the quiet of the house. His brother has a habit of walking lightly. The last time his brother treaded that way was when they were sixteen and he was caught sneaking out at night with River by Fyn who gave him a long lecture.


The walk down memory lane is halted abruptly as he sees his brother walking into his room from the corner of his eye. His face is not right; he hasn’t seen such a furious yet grieved expression on Jayde’s face before.


This is bad.


‘Hi Jayde’. He tries to keep his tone light and cordial as his heart pumps in his ears.


‘Johan…’ Jayde’s voice is placid and toneless.


This is bad...very bad. There might only be one reason for this. That bastard has spilled the beans before he left.


Johan draws a deep breath and waits. He has visualized this scene in his mind a billion times since 10 years ago yet at this precise moment, he is not sure how he could and should react. Any reaction seems wrong somehow.


‘Before River left, he told me something.’


He could feel Jayde’s eyes burning into his but he is unable to look away out of sheer terror.


‘The two of you were having an affair behind me. Is he speaking the truth?’


Johan crosses his toes tightly and nods. He grimaces as he sees Jayde’s right hand rolled into a tight fist and walks towards him.


Johan closes his eyes tightly. This is what he deserved. He would not fight against it.


One minute, two minutes.


He opens his eyes and blinks in confusion for a few seconds before realizing Jayde is slumped on a chair, a look of utter defeat on his face.




‘Don’t call me that!’ Jayde snaps, making Johan jump.


‘I just want to say I am sorry…it wasn’t intentional. I tried to stop it but-’


‘To no avail.’


Johan nods miserably.


‘He is a Sim I love all my life. He was the dearest person to me besides you, and yet…you and him…the two of you…’


Johan watches his brother got up from the chair wearily and signals to his wardrobe.


‘Pack. Get out. I don’t want to see you again.’


Johan tries to protest. This is not fair. He hasn’t made amendments. But before he could say a word, Jayde glares at him and utters in a trembling voice, ‘Out before I kill you.’


Johan’s unspoken words die on his lips.

562 Brothers turning their backs on each other



The house was once small. Now it is gloomily huge. Empty rooms, half made beds, Sims who left, Sims who died. But he would go on, for the only thing left in his life…his son .

563 The only thing left in his life

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