The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

A Game of Numbers

This is not his calling.


He is supposed to be a Don Juan, not a parent in training. Yet he is every bit the latter now.

He teaches Ethan his homework 

564 Teaching Ethan homewoek
and feeds Emerald.

565 Feeding Emerald
He makes their dinners

567 Aki makes dinner

and tucks them into bed after dinner .
568 Tucking Ethan into bed


All this while he waits impatiently for Endre to pick up the shattered pieces in his life. His brother in law has been regularly attending Simholics Anonymous and is slowly overcoming his addiction to alcohol by venting his frustrations on the punching bag. 
569 Endre Punches
Yet he isn’t deemed sober enough by Ms. Honey to be left alone with the children yet. Aki’s existence is the only factor determining the children’s continued presence in his sister’s house.

He spends his long uninteresting hours in Endre’s house, chatting with friends online, especially Phill. He learns several important things while chatting with him. Eros is a swingers’ bay for Romance sims in Sim Valley and Clarisse works Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays as a part time DJ there. She would leave with attractive male Sims on those nights when she finishes her shift. Their arms would be around her waist and she would be smiling at them as they leave the club. That got Aki mad…really mad.


He starts frequenting the local Black Hawk club every Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and picks up female Sims who are willingly to leave with him as he places his seductive hand on their thin waists. 

570 Aki picks up Sims
It helps that the downtown girls are willing to be seduced by a handsome alien with attractive black eyes and pointy ears with the glamorous last name of Keats.


A game of numbers! 
571 Lover Counting
If that is what she wants, Aki would play that game with her. He vows to fulfill his lifetime want of 20 lovers before he is 30. No way will he allow Clarisse to beat him in this game of love.


If she isn’t his, he would at least make sure he was on par with her.

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