The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Without and Without

Without her, life must and will go on. He will not show the world he cannot live without Clarisse Banks. In fact, he would show her that life without her is better, happier and …richer.

And so Aki resolves to change his life. But what could he do? He has no college degree, no working experience and he is twenty-eight. So he turns to the one thing he knows he could do well…modeling.


It works. Within a few months, Sims all over the world goes ga-ga over Aki Keats’ stunning alien looks and beautiful body and am overwhelmed by his high IQ of 350 despite his lack of that all important college degree that threatens to give adult Sims nightmares and red memory markers if they didn’t get it.


‘Times Magazine’ declares Aki Keats as the ‘Next Big Thing’, ‘International Fashion Week’ proclaims ‘Aki Keats as the new supermodel!’  while ‘SimsWood’ worships Aki as ‘the contemporary Adonis.’

584 Aki featured in SimWood International Magazine


Let her see that! Let her see all these! Let her see what she has missed out! Let her see how happy, famous and successful he is without her! Let her see those magazines, which shows him returning home with a different Sim every night. Let her see him in perpetual platinum mood with his many many lovers. Let her see all this and lament on what she has missed out... but let her not see how he cries on lonely nights, holding their photograph when he is all alone.



And so time goes on. With Aki Keats as his family business’ spokesman, business at all the Keats’ stores soared. Profits increase ten fold and the Keats’ fame and fortune spread far and wide beyond the boundaries of Strangetown.


Everyone should be happy but understandably none of them is…especially Jayde Keats who faces a delicate problem on his hands.



He has received that call 2 evenings ago. The voice over the phone has sounded small and hesitant and yet Jayde knew immediately who she was.


‘Hi Jayde…’




‘Yesss…it’s nothing much, Jay…but…I just called because it only seems fair you should know.’


‘Yes, Lexie?’


‘I am preggie.’




He has been in a state of shock since. Never once in his life Jayde Keats has imagined he would father a child with a female and a stranger at that. Lexie has been quick to assure him over the phone that she is not calling to demand he takes responsibility. She just wants him to know he has a child and that is all. It is only fair for a father to know he has a child, isn’t it…that was that she said before she hastily hung up the phone.




What is fair in this world when your husband cheated on you with your brother…hey wait…ex-husband …and ex-brother…


But he would be fair, at least to the unborn child whom he already loves deeply in his heart so he proposes marriage even though he knows he doesn’t love her. Lexie has been surprised at Jayde’s proposal but she has gratefully accepted it, knowing full well it is a sham marriage. In her heart, she knows Jayde is unhappy and he doesn’t love her. He merely wants to take on the responsibility for landing her in this awkward situation. And yes, she knows that Jayde is gay. The entire Strangetown knows that. But still she is hopeful that as time goes by, he might learn to love her even if she is the wrong gender.


And so they marry quietly without ceremony, which is unlike the typical Keats’ wedding, but still Lexie Keats is delighted. She has always dreamt of marrying Jayde Keats since the day she first saw him in ‘The Ritz.’ And now her dream has come true, she would be happy with her gain…never mind the fact that he insists on separate bedrooms.


As for Jayde, all he wants is for his new born to be born as soon as possible so that he could have one more child to distract him from his perpetual pain and sorrow. In the meantime, he would spend his time and efforts climbing up the paranormal career ladder and teaching his beloved Aaron essential life skills.



Havel stares at the white envelope with no return address in his hand, not knowing what to do with it.


No return address…that means he can’t return the letter and pretend it doesn’t exist.


Opening it…means he will have to deal with remembering the tragic loss of her once again…




Should he open it?


Should he just leave it?


The sender obviously has not known that she has been dead for almost three years.


It would not be fair not to let the sender know…the person that they seek has expired.




Havel turns the envelope twice over in his wrinkled hand. Finally, he makes his decision and tears the edge of the envelope off.


A letter in neat handwriting stumbles out and falls onto the floor before Havel could catch it in his hand. As Havel bends over with some difficulty to pick the letter up, he groans with dismay when he sights that name through the underside of the thin paper.


Yours Lovingly,



With trembling fingers, Havel unfolds the letter and starts reading.

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