The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives


Endre Bivins beams with pride as he watches Ethan Bivins blows his birthday candles

594 Ethan becomes a  teen

and becomes a smart looking teen.

595 Ethan Keats

 Next to him, Emerald Keats, a bright-eyed kid with green emerald eyes watches with envy as she admires her brother flexing his newfound muscles. She can’t wait to grow up!

As Endre congratulates his son for becoming a teen,

596 Congrats Son!

 his mind bobs with excitement in anticipation of the impending major event of his life- the release of Faye Keats.

It has not been an easy ride without her. But he has endured through it albeit painfully, with the help of their family especially Havel. His weekly visits have been therapeutic to them both although she would never allow the children to visit her.


‘I don’t want them to see me like this.’


And so he has obeyed her wishes. But he makes sure their children remember her and who she is. He has them write letters and send pictures of themselves regularly to Faye and he would always feel a lump in his throat whenever he thought of Faye with her sad eyes looking at those pictures in the middle of the night by herself. But those days would soon be over and they would be reunited once again.


He can’t wait to revive the simple moments of being a couple together with her- holding hands, having breakfast, simple couple activities and he would be perfectly content. 

597 Endre anticpating the return of  Faye

And he knows that his children are just as excited as he is about their mother’s homecoming.

598 Ethan tells Clyde about his mother


And hopefully she would be proud of him and the children’s achievements. Within five years after he regained his medical position in his old hospital, Endre has risen to the prestigious post of Chief of Staff. Under his meticulous guidance, Emerald learnt to walk

599 Endre teaches Emerald to walk

and talk at the young age of 8 months. Endre smiles to himself as he remembers how 3 years old Emerald got stuck in the toybox and wouldn’t go near it for the rest of the week.

600 Tot Emerald stuck in toybox


With the help of Aki and Havel’s tutoring, by the ages of 12 and 8, Ethan and Emerald are the top students in their schools

601 Ethan A+ kid

much to the pride of the entire Keats family. They are amongst the best of their generation in the Keats family and only the heir Ceras Keats is slightly better than his son, Ethan in terms of academic scholarships and painting.


All in all, he has tried his very best…for a life without her, 

602 family life without faye

raising their children and living his life the way she would have approved and most would agree he has succeeded. And no, he hasn’t been near alcohol again, not even during his inaugural ceremony as a member of the board of directors of the hospital.


And soon his only son would attend one of the world’s elite colleges, Brixham College with his cousins, Clyde and Ceras Keats. 

603 Ceras laughs at Ethan

It would be the best times of their lives, Endre is certain of that. He beams as he ruffles his teen son’s hair playfully, knowing full well that he won’t be able to do that anymore in future now that his only son would soon be like any typical teen, butting his parents out of his private life.

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