The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

ATTENTION! Everyone should answer these! :)

Ok guys, since we are all involved in this story as writer and reader, I want your comments on some stuff.

 I have a great story in mind (a side story but great ) for Fabian and Ceras. Do you guys MIND NOT SEEING PICTURES at all? If you don't mind, I shall  write it immediately and you will see very frequent and fast updates for this side story. The side story is closely linked to the main story but since Fabian ( a non Keats) is the main character, it is classified as a side and not part of the main saga.If you really need pictures, you need to wait a rather long while.  I don't have enough time to indulge game playing + clothes making + RL (argh), so something have to give way.This is because I have been contemplating making my own website for clothes and such so to do that, I need to research into web site creation (0% knowledge in this) and making of more clothes. I am a bit tired of submiting to TSR (mainly because of all the recent silly changes- the incentive days are so worthless now and  I don't want them anymore) and I am also tired of uploading everywhere ....perhaps my own home is needed. If I mange to make enough good clothes for a site + hosting fees are somewhat afforable, you'll see it in a few months' time. 

And Do you think you will visit my site if I have one?

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