The Keats of Our Lives (earl2blue) wrote,
The Keats of Our Lives

Episode 173 Aki, I love you…will you stop hurting me?

Jewel wipes her tears away in quiet anger as she changes out of her sports attire. It has been almost a month since she has moved into his house and yet nothing has changed at all.


She is still a dork to him, a yoga teacher and probably nothing more.


Day in day out, she watches him bring his numerous lovers home and the terrible sounds of pleasure emitting from his room often keeps her awake all night. It is a terrible mistake to accept his offer to a room in his house and Jewel knows it well in her heart.  At that time, it has been the perfect solution. She would practice yoga with him everyday and he would let her stay for free.  It was the perfect getaway from those lousy flat mates of hers who keep dirtying their shared flat. Aki’s house has seemed so cozy then…and he has a maid! Jewel has accepted the offer gleefully and now lives to regret it.


Facing a seasoned Casanova everyday isn’t easy for any woman and she just has to find out the hard way. Slowly, bit by bit, day by day…she falls in love with Aki’s wit, his sleepy look in the morning, the way he eats his breakfast…everything.  And yet he hardly looks at her or talks to her except during meal times! Well oh well, she might just as well been an accessory in his house.


She ought to move out!  She can’t bear with it anymore…it hurts to see someone you love fucking some other sim whose name he probably doesn’t even remember the next day. It’s sick to live with someone like that. And she won’t bear it. Not her.


And so she throws her few pieces of clothings and her cosmetics bag containing her only lipstick into her duffle bag and finds herself in this current situation.


‘Jewel…why are you leaving? Aren’t you happy to be living here? This is a premium distract. We are living in one of the prettiest houses on this streets and you want to leave? What got into you?’


‘YOU!’ Jewel’s mind screams. ‘Aki, there are too many rumors about us. The neighbors, the press and even my friends think I am your live in lover. I don’t want this. It isn’t right. (And damn right, it isn’t. I want to be your lover, damn it and not to hear others fuck you every other night.)


‘ Oh…’


Is that all he has got to say?


‘ So I better get going then. Thanks for taking me in during this one month. I really …appreciate it…it has been fun.’


She closes her hand on the door knob, ready to turn it when his hand closes on hers.




‘What!’ she mumbles irritatedly. Hasn’t he hurt her enough?


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