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The Keats of Our Lives

Brief on The Keats of Our Lives

Thank you for reading my journal - The Keats of Our Lives.

This Sims 2 story was started in The Sims Resource (TSR) Challenges Forum with the intention to complete the famous ten generation legacy challenge.
But after writing and posting there for nearly a year, I decide to switch to LJ because I want more freedom to edit my story and to write my story in a more relaxed environment.

If you have followed my story here from TSR, I sincerely thank you for having enough interest to hang out with me at LJ.

In this version of the Keats story I post here on LJ, there are/will be several changes as compared to the story on TSR.

a) The title of the story is changed from "The Keats' Dramatic Lives Legacy" to "The Keats of Our Lives." This change is important because I am now focused on storywriting of the lives of the Keats rather than trying to produce heirs and slogging my way to the tenth generation. In other words, I play according to my own rules now. I won't bother with not using cheats or hacks or stuff like that anymore.

b) All the posts moved here from TSR have been edited and revised. Some sections have been shortened so this is a much shorter version you find here compared to TSR.

c) For the posts which I moved from TSR,  I have also corrected as many grammar errors and such which I have been able to spot. If you ever see a grammar or spelling mistake in these moved posts/future posts, kindly inform me via "Leave Comments" so that I may edit the post. I will really appreciate that.

d) If you like my story, please tell your friends. Now that I am on my own, I need all the support and free publicity I can get =p

UPDATE 24/11/2006
I have a small site up for FREE sims 2 clothes. It is still heavily under construction now but my new clothes set, Simplicity is there.
I don't have a lot of RL time to make it nicely but I hope it is not too bad. I will make it look better soon with more downloads.
Have a look and see if you like it. I would appreciate if you leave a comment to encourage me at my new site lol!

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